The Elixir of Nature

Solvent Free & Low Solvent Tinctures
Place under the tongue, eaten or used topically.
Made with high grade concentrates that are lab-tested for accurate dosing, these tinctures boast great potency and set the standard of consistent quality.

Get Better Tears

A careful blend of cannabis extracts produces this wholesome remedy. Professionally extracted 4:1 Phoenix tears, raw honey tears, and CO2 CBD tears are all products of locally sourced organic flower. Green Island Naturals creates extracts without the use of isolates resulting in clean potency and powerful impact.

A Gentle Remedy

Dose, Dilute, Feed
Provide gentle and effective care for your little buddy with this easy to dose hemp tincture.

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About Green Island Naturals

Green Island Naturals combines science with a deep understanding of traditional plant based medicines to produce innovative products designed to improve and diversify treatment options for the medical user. We are a company built for patients by patients. We use the products that we sell and share them with our friends and family.

We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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